Apple and Google might be too shy to host the ‘Shades of Emoji’ app in their stores, but we’ve found a solution that lets you sext your favourite kinky emoji right from your keyboard! Just like an animated GIF keyboard, follow these instructions to get flirting with your fingertips under 10 minutes!


STEP 1:  

DownloadShadesOfEmojiPurchase your ‘Shades of Emoji’ sticker set. Your emoji will be emailed to you where you can then download the files.


iPhone photo icon*Tip! Make sure you open the email on your mobile device and download the files straight into a new photo album.




Download the ‘YourMoji’ app from:





Create your own keyboard using your 50 Shades Emoji in the YourMoji app.


Shades of Emoji Instructions

[img src=]1930Open the 'YourMoji' App on your smartphone
Make that cut-out cat purr by giving it a tap on the head (bottom right corner)
[img src=]1680This is where your image gallery comes in ... handy!
Navigate to the album where you saved your kinky 'Shades of Emoji'
[img src=]3210and select your favourite emoji by giving it a hard tap!
We suggest starting with your favourite new emoji's first as you'll have to load each one individually.
[img src=]2120Now it's time for some quick finger dancing...
See that 'Keep' icon on the bottom right of the screen - give it a tap
[img src=]1710Got it? Tapped?
Let's go!
[img src=]1640Sensually swipe your finger across the emoji
to highlight the image
[img src=]1470Then tap the 'remove' icon
and swipe the background. Tap CUT up the right hand top corner when you're done.
[img src=]2030Burn some rubber here with the App eraser
if you want to tidy up any of the edges before tapping DONE.
[img src=]2580Your emoji is now in your library ready for use like any GIF keyboard!
[img src=]1480Simply go to your preferred messaging app
and write your message as usual.
[img src=]1590Tap the GLOBE symbol towards the bottom left of your keypad to choose the 'YourMoji' keyboard
and then give the person icon a tap
[img src=]1460You're now ready to choose an emoji to sext to your lover!
[img src=]1350Just like an animated GIF Keyboard
select your preferred messaging app
[img src=]1210Tap to copy your emoji
[img src=]1320Paste it into your message
[img src=]1430And hit SEND!
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